OFA Youth Programs

The Oklahoma Forestry Association has a continued commitment to Oklahoma ’s youth through the sponsorship of several youth based natural resources programs, the two largest being their sponsorship of Youth 4-H Forestry Contests and the Oklahoma Youth Forestry and Wildlife Camp.

Youth 4-H Forestry Contests  

Oklahoma Forestry Association is a proud sponsor of the Oklahoma 4-H Forestry Judging Program is designed to encourage and promote more awareness and knowledge of forestry as an art and science. As current or future leaders and decision makers, 4-H members, volunteer leaders, and Extension agents will learn of the complexities and tradeoffs involved in managing a forest for multiple use objectives. 

The objectives of the Oklahoma 4-H Forestry Judging Contest are to provide the opportunity and atmosphere for 4-H forestry members to:


·        Develop leadership talents and to work towards achieving character development and effective citizenship;

·        Develop desirable attitudes toward the need and importance of conserving woodlands as a source of income, raw materials, wildlife habitat, and recreation important for quality living;

·        Acquire an understanding of practical forestry skills in forest management and of the utilization of forest and wood products.  

In addition to meeting these objectives, the judging cill encourage and promote better forestry knowledge for 4-H members, volunteer leaders, and eontests wxtension agents at local, county, district, and state levels. As future voters, decision-makers, and leaders, 4-H'ers participating in this program will learn of the complexities and trade-offs involved in managing woodland for multiple use objectives. 

Oklahoma Youth Forestry Camp

The Oklahoma Forestry Association has been a long time sponsor of the Oklahoma Youth Forestry Camp. The camp provides youth ages 13 - 15 the opportunity to experience the forestry and wildlife professions, learn about Oklahoma’s natural resources and build an awareness of environmental components.Explore Oklahoma's natural resources with professionals from across the state! Hands on activities including forest management, stream ecology, fire management, wildlife management, urban forestry, and how they all work together, and course, there is time for swimming, hiking, and outdoor recreation!

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