Oklahoma Tree Farm System

Dear Tree Farmer,

                Since June 1957, Oklahoma has been a part of the American Forest Foundations’ (AFF) American Tree Farm System in which the Oklahoma Forestry Association (OFA) is the administrative organization responsible for the program.  Administration and management has been a volunteer effort by individuals in the Oklahoma Forestry Community.  In 2015, AFF updated their standard to include the third party audit and certification of Tree Farms with additional cost for the landowner.  These new standards increased the workload to administer the program coupled with a lack of committed volunteers has forced the OFA Board of Directors to cease the administration of the Tree Farm Program in Oklahoma.  In the event an individual(s) step forward to lead and manage a Tree Farm Program under the certification guidelines of AFF, the OFA Board of Directors will strongly consider reestablishing the program. 

                Your working forest is not left without resources to assist with your management objectives.  Oklahoma Forestry Services has the Oklahoma Forest Stewardship program (www.forestry.ok.gov).  A primary focus of the program is the development of comprehensive, multi-resource management plans that provide landowners with the information they need to manage their forests for a variety of products and services.  Additionally, consulting foresters are available and can be found at www.oklahomaforestry.org.

                The OFA Board of Directors regretted the decision that had to be made to exit the Tree Farm Program in Oklahoma, however, we encourage you to continue to seek the resources you need to continue the stewardship of your tree farm.


                Corey Bouffleur – 2016 OFA President

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For more information contact the Oklahoma Forestry Services forester near you or go to the OFS website here.